De Theatertroep is a collective of young actors with different backgrounds that reaches a young audience with its playful and contemporary interpretations of classic repertoire. Furthermore, the ensemble is known for its Vaudeville-Performances, in which different material is brought together by association and play. The young actors place Molière alongside Karl Valentin, mix Shakespeare and Monty Python and gather as much material from films by Godard and Haneke as from books by Balzac, Nabokov and Kafka. Even philosophers like Themerson and de Beauvoir can be an inspiration for the plays.

The members of De Theatertroep are not only performers, they are also the directors and the producers of their work. Their working method is inspired by groups that represent a specifically Dutch theatre tradition that originated in the seventies (Het Werkteater, Maatschappij Discordia, ’t Barre Land)De Theatertroep acknowledges its heritage, also in a broader sense – the actors delve deeply into classic plays and the methods used by their predecessors – and they turn this heritage inside out to see what still stands today.

Upcoming production

How real is real really

De Theatertroep, a young Dutch actors-ensemble, presents How real is real really. Renowned Dutch poet and playwright Judith Herzberg has written two new plays (theatre-novels) in cooperation with the actors which will premiere on January 8th 2016 in Frascati Theatre Amsterdam and will thereafter tour theatres around the country.

The first of the two plays – How real is real really – is inspired by the Danish documentary Rent a Family Inc. by Kaspar Astrup Schröder. The film tells the story of a Japanese man who rents himself out as an actor. His customers ask him to play family-members and friends on public occasions such as weddings. He can be father, an uncle or a fiance.
The play is a composition of short scenes and dialogues with the constant underlying question: are the characters who they are, or do the play roles? Where in the twilight between truth and fiction do they operate?

You know…
I actually don’t really remember you
What’s that supposed to mean? I’m here.
Of course you are. But when I think back, I just don’t see you.

The second play – Seasick in the swimming pool – tells the story of two men who are found to be too heavy for a gondola in Venice and decide to travel to a special clinic to lose weight. They meet the other guests of this surrealist resort and gradually lose more substance than they signed up for.

I heard that there was a fight… over a crust of bread. Over a crust of bread! Imagine that we would take each other on over a slice of cucumber.
I think I feel it coming.

Preliminary performances:

January 5 – 9 and 20 – 23, Frascati, Amsterdam
January 15, Natlab by Plaza Futura, Eindhoven
February 10 – 13, Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag
February 16 – 17, Theater Kikker, Utrecht
March 4, Theater Walhalla, Rotterdam
March 7, Kennemer Theater, Beverwijk
March 15, Toneelschuur, Haarlem
March 25 & 26, Monty, Antwerp
April 2 – 4, Corrosia, Almere
October 12, Theater Gruitpoort, Doetinchem (yet to be confirmed)
October 13, Het Park, Schouwburg, Hoorn (yet to be confirmed)
October 14, LUX, Nijmegen (yet to be confirmed)
November 5, Schouwburg, Amstelveen (yet to be confirmed)

Text: Judith Herzberg, Hans Man in ’t Veld, De Theatertroep
Performed by: Kyrian Esser, Jasmijn Vriethoff, Elisabeth ten Have, Rosa Asbreuk, Roos Visser, Jochum Veenstra, Patrick Duijtshoff, Nicoline Raatgever, Timo Huijzendveld and Jordi Möllering.